Scrap My Van for Cash

Vans are valuable when they function as intended, but once they’re too expensive to fix, they’re destined for the scrapyard. While it doesn’t feel great to say goodbye to a trusty vehicle, the costs of repairing it can be more than replacing it. Thankfully, it’s possible to get some money back by scrapping it.

The answer to “can I scrap my van for cash” is a resounding yes. Many authorised treatment facilities will gladly pay for your vehicle. However, the quotes will vary due to a myriad of factors. Find out more in the sections below.

Should I Scrap My Van for Cash?

In most cases, it’s worth doing so, as the repair costs can become much higher than buying a replacement. After all, old vans usually have many functioning parts that the scrappers can salvage and sell. Another van may be compatible with these components too. However, if the van is a classic model or rare, it’s not the best idea to send it to the scrappers.

Most importantly, you should never accept cash for a scrapped van. The Scrap Metal Dealers’ Act of October 2013 deems this illegal. The only payments you can receive are bank transfers or BACS transfers. Remember to show your ID and proof of address when you let us take your van.

The Scrap Metal Dealers Act was formulated to help make payments easier to trace, especially since the end of life vehicle market can be full of unscrupulous dealers. As the transfers are traceable, criminals and con men will find it harder to stay hidden.

If a dealer asks if you want cash, it is recommended to immediately stop the discussion and leave. It is also important to report them to the authorities, as you can be fined for accepting cash.

How Much Will I Get?

Each van is different, and many factors affect how much it’s worth. Our process is entirely transparent and we offer fair prices with all components in mind. However, as the owner, it’s also in your best interest to provide us with as much information as possible.

The Price of Scrap Metal

The scrap metal market is incredibly lucrative, but it’s also highly volatile. On a good week, scrap steel, aluminium, and copper prices can rise significantly. However, it’s just as common to see the prices take a nosedive.

While the scrap metal prices are volatile, it’s a factor beyond anyone’s control. You’ll find the factors below more critical in determining your van’s price.

The Van’s Condition

Some of the parts of the van are relatively valuable and command higher prices. These include the catalytic converter, airbags, the fender, and many more. The scrap van trader will give you a higher quote if you leave these components in the vehicle.

While removing parts before selling your van is legal, the quotes you get may also be lower. Selling these parts individually also doesn’t guarantee higher profits. Only rare components are likely to sell for higher prices.

Plus, the vehicle’s wheels must stay on, as moving a van without wheels is time-consuming. We will not accept vans without a complete set of wheels.

The Vehicle’s Age

An older van might sell for a lower price, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t scrap it. Sometimes an older rare model’s value will even increase with time, resulting in a better quote. Even if the van isn’t rare, the parts may still be in high demand, which can result in a more profitable trade.

Older vans also tend to contain more steel and aluminium, as plastic components weren’t as widespread. The more scrap metal we can salvage, the higher your profit.

How Heavy the Van Is

The heavier a van is, the more scrap metal we can get. Naturally, large and heavy vans will be worth more than most smaller vehicles.

Fair and Honest Prices

We keep the whole scrapping process honest and transparent, so you can trust that you’ll get the price you deserve. To maximise your profit, provide us with as many vehicle details as possible. After entering your details, you’ll get a no-obligation quote in minutes.

After our agents have your permission to move the van to a scrapyard, you’ll receive the payment instantly.

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